Horses and Ponies for Sale

WHF takes placing its SALE horses very seriously! It is our responsibility to make sure both horse and rider are set up to succeed! For this reason we pay close attention to the partnership between horse and rider and are not afraid to make alternative suggestions should a potential match not seem ideal. 

Because pricing can vary depending upon show success and ability we price our horses "online" at levels. Please feel free to call or email for actual price. We thank you for your interest and look forward to creating lasting successful equine rider relationships!

VIDEOS available upon request!

$ Level 1 ...........       Under $10K

$$ Level 2 ...........    $10K to $20K

$$$ Level 3 ..........   $20K to $35K

$$$$ Level 4 .........  $35K to $50K

$$$$$ Level 5 ........ $50K - UP 



Simply Seymour

5 year old Large Quarter Pony (Card pending)

Nothing better than a Quarter Horse PONY! Lovely little guy with a solid mind, good disposition, willing can do" attitude. 6 years old and standing right at 14.2H. He is a lovely mover, super cute jump that easily has scope and desire to do the 3ft pony divisions. The kind of attitude that could also easily be developed into a super event pony. He is a"safe" green which would be a fun project for a trainer to bring along with the help of a kid. Reasonably priced right now but price will go up once his changes are solid and he is a confirmed carded Large Pony. Please PM for Details

Price .... Level 1 $

QUINTUS  .... Leased 2019 -2020 ... woohoo to Alyssa Stewart and Q for a great year!

10  year old, 16.3H, Imported German Warmblood. Flashy and Fancy. Super sweet with a earnest and honest disposition! Beautiful mover,

lovely lofty soft jump. Bomb proof  at home! While completely laid back at shows he needs time to settle in and know his ring.  He is a team player and needs to know his rider is with him. Has both A and Local show miles.  

$$$$ ..... Level 4